e regents park sign“London Lens” offers posts of plannerly interest from my personal perspective, written beginning in April 2016.  I moved to London in October 2014 to work for two years in the planning team at Arup’s London headquarters.  Eighteen months along I at last felt sufficiently focused to try blogging, having promised myself to get past the demon that typically prevents me from writing and releasing quickly – feeling insufficiently knowledgeable.  I’ve been liberal with observations and google search results, and have offered views, links, and tidbits that I hope will be of interest to colleagues, friends and anyone curious about the many places where London and planning intersect.

I returned to the States in early October 2016 and started a new job with the State of California, as Deputy Director in the California Department of Transportation, responsible for the Department’s Sustainability program.  I have a few more blog posts to complete and most as I sort through partial drafts and London memories.

About “Likes” and “Comments” on London Lens: I look forward to your likes and comments! There, are however, a few hurdles.  You must have a (free) wordpress.com account to “Like” a post.  You can comment without an account but you will need to leave your email address and name.  Other options are emailing me directly or using other social media for feedback – I’m on Facebook, Instagram (e2lengreenberg) and LinkedIn (and dormant on Twitter).

Thanks for reading — please come again!

Ellen Greenberg

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